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Our story

The thought of Step Up Together came while I stepped outdoors for work-outs during the Covid-2019 Stage 4 lockdown. The pandemic brought abeyance to every corner of earth and we humans were coerced to overhaul our lives and feelings. Melbourne suddenly looked so unimaginable. The once buzzing cafes were half open only for takeaways and most of the bustling street shops were shut. Efficaciously Mother Nature clasped us with open arms as parks & gardens became a sweeping element of our daily lives. Like most of us I felt more gratitude and a compassionate reflection incited me to make an earnest endeavour in support of one of the most vital and affected element of our lives: our neighbourhood shops, small businesses and communities. Several weeks of brainstorming sessions with my techie spouse, independent market research and hundreds of pages of notes finally sprouted Step Up Together. The endeavour is to facilitate sustainable scale to local businesses to build a strong socio-economic ecosystem coupled with a streak for innovation boosting their cash-flow.

Hello, I'm Shweta

A management graduate with dual specialisation in finance and insurance & banking. Previously a career banker for nearly a decade in India before graduating to a dedicated mother of a five year old girl & a homemaker. I repositioned to Australia soon after my daughter’s birth in 2015, enroute my spouses’ professional expedition. As a career banker I was associated with HSBC bank and HDFC bank and have evaluated domestic enterprises of varied sizes. This experience coupled with being born in a business family and then getting married into a business family always gave a sense of entrepreneurship, belongingness and empathy for business. Motherhood in Australia is by far the best phase of my life bringing new perspectives, a great deal of patience, enormous optimism and priceless joyous moments. Confidence and eagerness to discover of my five year old motivates and makes me stronger every day and is another immense source of inspiration for Step Up Together. She recently learnt the Aboriginal Song – Ngaya Naba (meaning My Family or Our Family) in her online class while home schooling and the way the children embraced the lyrics of the song ending with ‘Together we are much more strong’ made me more firm to bring up my second offspring Step Up Together.