Why Step Up Together

Step Up Together helps small businesses recover faster. Through our platform you can support a local business by pre-paying for products and services which you can then redeem at a time of your convenience. This helps the business cover their immediate expenses and boost their cash-flow 

When you shop small, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom put food on the table or a student pay for college 💕
  • Commit a small portion of your monthly spend to a small businesses
  • Buy a special occasion gift card and expedite their cash flows
  • Recommend a small business to your colleagues or your HR team
  • Start a ‘Pay it Forward’movement and order a gift card for a friend and they repay the kindness to another while spreading the word
  • Refer small businesses to your friends and family
  • Encourage your local businesses to get registered with us

Small business count

Small business and family enterprises in Australia are classified as businesses with less than 20 employees. These account for almost 98% of businesses. The sector is growing fast and as such, presents many opportunities and challenges. Such small ventures are prevalent across the country and in no specific order. We are indeed a nation of small business. 

 Some Small Facts

  • Small businesses account for 35% of Australia’s gross domestic profit and employ 44% of Australia’s workforce.
  • Of the 877,744 total employing businesses, 823,551 are small businesses (93.8%), and of those, 627,932 employ only 1-4 people; these are micro businesses (76.2%).
  • Small businesses often have net income well below the average Australian wage with 52% of small business owners registered with the ATO as individuals earning between $0 and $25,000 per annum.
  • The highest proportion of small business owners are between 45 and 59 years old, and women account for 35% of business owner/managers.

Source: The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman. Read full publication

Thank you for supporting a small business 🙌