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Step Up Together is all about steadily enhancing your visibility and adding to your customer base by illustrating your products & services to eventually boost your cashflows. We assist you to directly and more importantly conveniently connect with customers enabling you to engage with new customers, deepen existing customer relationships and brighten the prospects for both cross-sell & upsell. The vast ecosystem of Step Up Together is solely and dedicatedly focussed on small businesses with the aim to promote and scale these sustainably.

Here’s How It Will Work For You

We only receive a small subscription fee (if you can pay) plus an industry standard rate for processing payments.

Plan inclusions

Step Up

Step Up Plus

Monthly Subscription Fee
Pay As You Can
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during Covid-19
$45 monthly
Payment Processing
  • 2.9% of order value + 30¢
Business Listing
  • We give you a platform to showcase the products & services you offer 
  • Lead generation for your business
Support your Cash-flow
  • Take online pre-payments and start generating revenue for your business
Direct Contact
  • We put you in direct contact with customers to enable you to build client relationships
  • Possibility to upsell more products / services

Visibility on our platform
  • Set your business up for success by marketing your business on our platform
Visibility on social media
  • Set your business up for success by marketing your business on social media
  • Shout-outs
Website link
  • Your website link provided on your listing for customers to place orders directly on your website
Discount codes for customers
  • Customers can be offered discount codes on special occasions. 


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