Why Should I Step Up Together?

Why should I use “Step Up Together”?

    All of us have a role to play in helping small businesses recover faster. You can support a local business by prepaying for products & services you intend to consume either now or later & support their immediate cash-flow needs.

    When you buy from a small business, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom put food on the table, a day pay a mortgage or a student pay for college 💕


    I can't find my suburb or any business listed near me?

      We are continuously evolving like any other small business, our reach is limited in Covid-19 times and hence we seek help from all of you. If you know any small business operating near you & would like them to be on this platform, please share their details with us through Contact Us form and we will reach out to them. However, some businesses operate through their online presence & are listed under Online collection


      Can I refer a business to join Step Up Together? What's in for me?

        Absolutely Yes. We all benefit working together in these tough times, so appreciate if you can refer your friend or family business / contact person details and we will reach out to them for their interest to join Step Up Together. There’s no limit to number of businesses you can refer. Get a $5 Step Up Together gift card once the business you refer, joins Step Up Together. Use the gift card on that business or any other business of your choice.
        The best compliment you can give to a small business is a referral 👏



        Ok, so am I getting these products or services at a discounted price?

          Unless a business offers discounted products or services, we are not expecting small businesses to offer discounts; we only ask you to pre-pay for products or services.


          When you support small business, you are supporting a dream ❤️


          Do I have to place order from Step Up Together or can I place an order directly with the business? 

            Order the way you prefer. Our objective of assisting small businesses with cash-flow is achieved once you order and that’s a step up.


            One small purchase can make a big difference 👍🏻 


            Will I get any product or services or is this a donation?

              No this is not a donation. We are also not asking you to buy any product or service you do not need. We only ask you to pre-pay for products or services, you intend to consume either today or later from a small business.
              Majority of small businesses are owned & operated by a single person 🥳



              I don't have an immediate need but I wish to Step Up, how can I?

                There are so many ways you can Step Up, below are just a few ideas

                • Commit a portion or a fixed value of your monthly spend to support small businesses
                • Buy a Christmas/Birthday/other special occasion gift card and expedite their cash flows
                • Working in a corporate job! Ask your colleagues to support small businesses through Step Up Together
                • Start a Pay it Forward movement wherein you order a gift card for someone and they repay the kindness to others and spread the word
                • Refer small businesses to your friends & family
                • Ask your friends & family to get their local, neighbourhood businesses registered with us
                • Share, Repost, Follow, like & comment about small businesses ❤️ on social media

                  Have an idea to contribute ! Let us know and we will get our list updated 👍🏻

                  Thank you for supporting a small business 🙌