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Funky bath bombs, sometimes comes with a surprize inside. This is the best time it is a bomb a** present also, just in time for a warm bath❗️

Brief about business: Homemade bath bombs trying to sell from home.

Products or Services Brief: My bath bombs are all homemade some have bracelets necklaces or earrings in them and some are regular.

Price Range: Start from as little as $5.

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Location: Macomb MI.

Shipping Policy: FREE Shipping on orders over $70.

Voucher Usage: Full voucher value to be used in one transaction.

Redemption period: Value does not expire.

Voucher Terms: No refund of un-used voucher.

Steps after placing the order: 

  1. After you’ve placed an order, you will receive an email confirmation of your order with a unique order number.
  2. DM order number @ Instagram to progress the order.